9 Ways You Can Train Your Brain to be Smarter

You go to a gym to train your muscles, you run or hike to build your endurance but what can you do to train your brain? Training your brain will not only speed up your memory recall, it will also help you learn faster. There is, after all, only a limited number of hours in the day.

1. You are the company you keep

Each and every one of us is the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, according to the business philosopher Jim Rohn at least. It is no coincidence that high achieving people tend to ‘flock together’. Obviously, peer groups tend to have similar interests and like to discuss topics freely and without objections.

By associating yourself with intelligent people you will indirectly develop your own. So, as cold as it might sound, you might want to think again about the friends you spend most of your time with…

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